You gotta see this: BERLIN KIDZ (2013)

We've blogged about this one before, we included it briefly in a list of graffiti films you must see, but, after watching the full piece again we're letting you guys know again; you GOTTA see this. 

Via a high-octane combination of graffiti, chases, train surfing and parkour, Berlin Kidz is an eye-opening glimpse into high octane life in one of the cultural capitals of the world, where the lines between art and crime are blurred the most by some astoundingly brave , creative and original people. 

The Berlin Kidz follows the escapades of a young collective living life on the edge and filming the whole thing. 

Strap yourself in and enjoy. (If you can find a version with subtitles please let us know). 

~Team Soleheaven

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