Team Soleheaven: Film Selection

Team Soleheaven: Film Selection

The Soleheaven team have compiled a list of films just for our readers. We've pulled together what we see as a pretty tight list, featuring an array of films we all agree are a MUST watch. Genres vary, but each film plays from its own strength to stand tall as an exceptional example of how cinema should be done.. take note Suicide Squad, this is how a film should be done! 

Without further ado, let's get our teeth stuck into the list. 

  Following the story of the Z-boys skate team in southern California, Lords of Dogtown is a great introduction to the origins of skateboarding, and the movement from surf culture to the new scene. 

Everyone loves Mark Wahlberg, and if you don't, we disagree. Lone Survivor, starring the main man himself, tells the thrilling tale of s US Navy Seals team one a surveillance mission in Afganistan, and as you can guess.. it doesn't go to plan. 
Battle Royale is Japanese cinema gone cult classic. The film is based in on the dystopian novel by the same name, where a school class is placed on an island with one objective, a battle to the death. 
In the least biased way possible, UK cinema is some of the best, especially when Guy Ritchie is involved, this man knows his way around a script and camera. Snatch is by far his strongest piece of work.. who else would cast Brad Pitt as an Irish gypsie bare knuckle boxer? 
A true modern day thriller, featuring YA BOY, Jake Gyllenhaal. We're not going to give too much away with this one, but jheez, the twist is intense! 
Tied with the above, Shutter Island also defines the genre of thriller. Staring Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island was often slept upon due to it releasing around the same time as Inception,but it more than qualifies for one of the best films of 2010.
Prepare to have your mind BLOWN. Memento is not one you can watch without your full attention, but oh boy is it worth it. The unraveling story has many a twist and turn that will for keep you on your toes for sure. 
Another gem featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, which has been compared to the 70's cult classic: Taxi Driver. Nightcrawler follows the mental stability of Loius Bloom while he roams the streets of LA filming crime scenes for news outlets. It kicks off.
Japanese science fiction from the late 80's, set in a dystopian Tokyo in 2019. Akira is often praised as one of the best animated science fiction pieces of all time, and comes as a highly recommended watch. 
Could you have a top film list without the Shawshank Redemption getting a slot? we don't think so. IF you haven't already seen this one, stream it now. simply put, Shawshank is a masterpiece. 

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