Soleheaven Selects: Graffiti on film.

The internet has revolutionised how we share things, and created one of the most astounding platforms for content creators to showcase what they have been up to with a global audience. From the beginning of 'web 2.0' in the mid 90's, artists have harnessed this platform to project their work internationally, but not everything is legal per-se... 

From the streets of America, Graffiti hit Europe like a tsunami, if you think your local high-steet is bombed you should see the likes of the Autobahns in Germany, and the train routes entering Barcelona. The influence the internet had on this modern day crimewave was exponential, with vandals around the world video-recording their illegal escapades and using the WWW as the chosen platform to showcase what and where their crew has been getting up. Crews like 1UP, Berlin Kidz and KCBR (Above) have found international respect in the global graffiti game from producing high quality and often plain ridiculous 'movies' showing the planning and execution of vandalism on trains and buildings in the most fearless of fashions. 

Obviously at Soleheaven we do not condone such illegal activities.. but we do love a sick video online, so check out our selection of some of the most breathtaking and simply silly graffiti videos from around the world.


UTAH & ETHER - PROBATION VACATION: LOST IN ASIA (Episode 8 - Japan) from The Grifters on Vimeo.


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