RA Top DJ's Of 2016 - Our Thoughts.

Before you read on, check out this link for the full top 100 list, containing an internationally known list of big names from the UK to the USA and beyond. 

Can we begin by congratulating North East native Patrick Topping on making it to number 11, what an amazing achievement! However, once you reach the final 10, the list feels a little genre-exclusive, with HOUSE dominating most of the ten of the top slots. 

In our opinion, the likes of PALM TRAXX and MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE need to be pushed forward into the ten, and the fact that Boiler Room boss Bradley Zero hasn't even made the top 100 is very confusing ! We are happy to see Ben UFO claiming his high spot, he deserves that. 

(This guy didn't even make the cut...) 

What are your thoughts on this list ? Let us know by dropping a comment ! 

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