Post Malone 'STONEY' Album Review.

The hit track "White Iverson" was a sneaky arrival indeed. Like most others, we had never heard of Post Malone until this tune hit our headphones, but after hearing this one, the Texas native's swagger and flavour was definitely something we could get our teeth into.

After a swift rise to fame, Posts catchy appeal was undeniable. People around the world were taken aback by his soft but rough vocals and enigmatic position in the limelight. He certainly doesn't look like the standard 2016 rapper, but his streak of hit anthems has done the talking in the run-up to this album launch. In a musical era when melody tops the specification list of what makes a 'hit', Posts ear for intoxicating trap production gave him a distinct edge over other RnB infused competitors, and when combined with a unique vocal range and style, Post has found himself in a position of influence, regardless of the fact that he is more or less completely new to this. 

Stoney stands as Posts take on the already established rap/RnB/trap sound. One issue that we have with this album is that it's not really breaking any boundaries, but we keep asking ourselves, does it even need to? Why should he change the formula when he knows it works? Stoney does indeed wear its influence on its sleeve, but when you take a step back, and let the music sink in, you can find yourself temporarily emerged in something great, a melodic take on a sound that may be shallow, but finds its strengths through a combination of honesty and, of course, catchiness. 

You can stream 'STONEY' on all good music streaming apps. 

~Team Soleheaven 

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