Photograph Of The Week

This week the 2016 'Dr Doom' Foamposite Pro arrived in store. This re-edition of the iconic Nike silhouette came dressed in a minimal black and white colourway.

It's surprising that the sneaker doesn't feature a shade of green, which is iconic to cartoon supervillain, Victor von Doom who inspired the design. Given this omission, I wanted to photograph the Foamposite in a location that would give a shout out Dr. Doom by including the colour green and a metallic material.

Newcastle's famous Tyne Bridge fitted the criteria perfectly; providing interesting angles and elements to add line and texture to the images.

If you're looking for a link to buy, you're out of luck as these sold out super fast but you can read more about the 'Dr Doom' Foamposite Pro and it's history here.

Ant Tran.



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