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This week we're taking a look behind the scenes of the New Balance Yard Pack shoot. The pack's bright colourway is influenced by the feathers of the rooster in celebration of Chinese New Year. We thought that since New Balance had put so much thought into transforming 5 of their best selling silhouettes, that we should do them the justice of photographing them in a worthy setting.

With the influences in mind, we had two paths to explore; Chinese New Year and farm yard. We chose the latter as to reach a wider audience. Despite Newcastle being a major city, you don't need to travel far to find a farm. Finding a farm that was going to be clean and well lit however, was going to be a different matter all together. We concluded that the best approach would be to recreate the look of a farm and build a scenario that we could control.

Since many small farm birds are kept in coops, we wanted to create something that resembled one. Recycled palettes from the morning's delivery were used for the foundation of the structure. Chicken wire stapled on top helped to add texture and form levels. Straw sourced from a local pet store brought the whole thing to life and it started to look like what we had in mind. For the finishing touches, we added a jute sack and bird feed which also provided extra textures and colours.

Considering that we set it up in a graffiti lined alleyway in the centre of the city, I'm really happy with the final result. The levels and textures gave us plenty of options for the five silhouettes and helped put the sneakers in context. Plus there was so much straw left over, that we were able to fill the shoe boxes and create an alternative pack shot (top). 



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