Music For The Sole: Travis Scott 'BITTSM'

On Travis Scotts latest studio album, the 24-year-old continues his win streak with the same mysterious, aesthetic fuelled sound that first gained him critical acclaim with 'Rodeo' back in 2015. This time, the Texan comes across more matured and more experienced in the way he presents himself on this project, however lyrical content often follows the same lead as 'Rodeo', not offering much in terms of progression, but offering that same intoxicating, wavey sound that fans of Travis can easily sink their teeth into. To sum it up, Birds expands on Rodeo with a much darker tone. 

When working with such a contemporary sound, artists like Young Thug and Future often fail to offer consistency through album projects, with quantity often outweighing quality (in our opinion anyway), a factor which did weigh into 'Rodeo' through the later half of the album. On BITTSM, Travis refines his sound, keeping the iconic nuances that make a Travis track a Travis track, while structuring the tracks in a way that allow for a more consistent, uninterrupted listen. On this one Travis has formed a more consistent sound throughout the project, which transitions through the tracklist in a much more focused manor than other artists have aspired to. 

All in all, we enjoyed 'Birds in the trap sing McKnight', we find it to be a much more focused project from the MC than any of his earlier work, with enough familiarity to keep fans happy and further develop HIS sound. We would have liked more intelligent content in the lyrics, but maybe that was wishful thinking. 

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