Music For The Sole: Meek Mill - Dream Chasers 4.

So before we begin with the music, we'd like to request that people go into this project with a clear and open mind towards Meek. It's common knowledge that his beef with Drake left a stain on his image, and DC4 has been openly regarded as Meeks chance to remind people who he is, and how he got the limelight in the first place; through his music and unique style. 

The past year must have been stressful for the Phili born rapper. With beef, album delays and house arrest on the agenda, the DC artist has kept it low-key, and from his latest recording project, has achieved something great by channeling this energy and stress into DC4, creating something fresh, hard, modern and most importantly, fearless. DC4 is a great comeback album, and from reactions across the blog, a lot of people agree. 

At its core, DC4 is a stripped back version of Meek. Through this record, he has taken apart the image people had of him, and reconstructed it into something new, while maintaining all the key elements that brought him fame with his previous work: loud, smart beats, fast-paced flows, and some complimentary features that do nothing but add to a great atmosphere provided by DC4. 

In terms of production, DC4 does come across as relatively safe and samey, however it full context or as separate tracks, we can't fault them, the instrumentals roll together nicely, but some variation would have made for a more groundbreaking return to grace. We particularly love 'Blue Notes', produced by the humorously named 'Butter Beats for Dolla Bill Kidz', the soothing guitar flows contrasting the heavy trap beats is really sick, and makes this track our album highlight. 


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