Mac Miller - The Feminine Divine 
Until recently, the Soleheaven team were split on the Pittsburgh MC Mac Miller, however, most of us were fans of at least one or two of his tracks. Skip to 2016 and 'Dang!' grabbed the whole teams attention out of nowhere, reminding us that Mac had more than just potential, he had talent. Dang was released early to build hype for his fourth studio album, The Feminine Divine. 
Once this album dropped, we all agreed it was good, great in fact. Macs flow on this album seems to come with a more naturally matured tone compared to his earlier work, giving this project more natural flexibility. Rapping mostly about women, on this album, Mac chooses to go for smooth, jazz-inspired beats, with nuance production values thrown in, like heavy bass and kicking drum patterns. This works very well with Mac's flows on this one, as he uses his famous adaptability to change the pace from his previous album to portray a new, romance infused persona, a complete contrast to his daring 'Delusional Thomas' project from a few years back, which again, showcased his adaptability and lyrical skill but lacked that user friendly backbone that would have made it more than just a concept project.
Mac avoids this mistake with The Feminine Divine, a lot of the tracks would do great mixed into a podcast of DJ set, and others, including Dang, are so damn catchy, they are undeniably good tracks and anyone would agree, Mac fan or not.
~Team Soleheaven 

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