Music For the Sole! Loyle Carner - Yesterday's Gone

Anyone who frequents our Monday music features will know that we're all in on the Loyle Carner hype train.

As described in previous features, Loyle is refreshingly out of touch with the current wave of grime artists that dominate the British urban music culture, taking influence from early 00's hip-hop heads Braintax, Skinnyman and Jehst (who features on the album cut No Worries alongside Rebel Kleff).

Yesterday's Gone plays out as a very strong debut. Singles 'Ain't Nothing Changed', 'The Isle of Arran' sit well in the run of the album, feeling as refreshing and new as the day we first heard them.

The feature of the album that makes Loyle stand out the most is his lyricism and his silky smooth delivery. The subject matter he delves in to, Love, loss and family amongst others, aren't things alien to the genre of Hip/Hop, but being delivered so eloquently over smooth jazz beats, the album shows it's true meanings.

From the cover to the song titles and features, It's not hard to see Loyle is a family man with the track's being humbly dedicated to those around him, most notably lyrics dedicated to his parents, his step father and his untimely passing, his biological father absent for most of Loyle's life.

As a project, Yesterday's Gone is beautiful. Another example of Hip/Hop pushing boundaries, and a brilliant entry in the still growing British Rap pantheon.

Currently touring around the U.K., You'd be insane not to go see this guy before he blows up.

Yesterday's Gone is available on music platforms.


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