Music For The Sole: Old school Kanye Focus.

Music For The Sole


Today, the artist in focus is the one and only, Mr Kanye West. Love him or hate him, his influence on todays culture is undeniable, so we're taking a look back at how the man got to where he is today. The 2004 released 'The College Dropout' stands as Ye's debut album and achieved the Chicago native 10 Grammy nomination.

According to research, Kanye's second studio album, 'Late Registration', has sold a staggering 3.1m copies worldwide, making it a triple platinum recording. With features from Jamie Foxx, Common, Jay-Z and Nas, this throwback album could possibly be our favourite by him.

Third and finally, Kanye kept the ball rolling from his hugely successful first two albums with 'Graduation', managing to sell just under a million copies in the first week alone, and won Ye the Grammy for best rap album. This timeless record ensured the spotlight didn't shift from Kanye, which is still the case almost 10 years on.

Kanye West - The College Dropout

Kanye West - 'Late Registration'

Kanye West - Graduation

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