Music For The Sole - Isaiah Rashad 'The Sun's Tirade'

After what feels like too long, Tennessee-born Isaiah Rashad has finally dropped his debut album 'The Suns Tirade', and hour long exploration of the young rappers personality and ambitions, influenced by LA's Top Dawg Entertainment, co-owned by none other than Kendrick Lamar. Although Kendrick signed Rashad, and his influence is evident, we don't often like to compare the rappers as much as other reviewers have done. We believe Isaiah had more than enough strength to stand his own from the success of his mixtapes and smaller recording projects, such as Pieces of a Kid and Cevila Demo. On both projects Rashad's controlled, intelligent flows gained him much respect in certain circles, respect which has rolled across to this project, maintaining the rappers pace despite the album's delay. 

The pace of this album differs as it progresses from track to track, giving Isaiah a chance to showcase his range fully, as well as allowing him to play around with flows thanks to the exceptional work from the production team TDE have selected on this one. During the middle section of the project, the tone alters to a more modern trap style with tracks like 'A Lot', and AA providing a bass-heavy background to compliment Rashad's more broken down, Atlanta-influenced flows, which he still keeps real regardless of context. 

All in all, we think 'The Sun's Tirade' is an exceptional piece of work. While the project may not thrust Rashad into the mainstream, we certainly think this is a good thing, allowing the upcoming rapper to stay true to himself and his style, without having to pander to the media's, often biased opinions. 

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