Music For The Sole: Frank Ocean - BLOND

Frank Ocean - BlondIt's finally arrived! After much delay and deliberation (4 years!) Frank Ocean has finally dropped his studio album 'Blond' formally known as Boys Don't Cry. The captivating record is everything you hoped it would be, insightful and intelligent with great production for one of the strongest releases of 2016.

Through all the media turmoil, Frank has managed to deliver the goods, remaining cool calm and collected despite pressure building up around the globe for this release for up to 3 years ago, when he first announced he was working on the project (2013). 

Blond is Frank Ocean creating alternative pop music, R&B infused, boundary breaking stuff, with his iconic soulfulness radiating throughout. All in all, Blond ticks a lot of boxes, including progression which is such an important aspect of the 2016 music scene, and often an aspect artists trip on after debuting to the globe. 

You can stream this album on all good streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. 

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