Music For The Sole: Big Baby D.R.A.M

This one caught us by surprise! Released just 10 days ago on the 21st of October, Big Baby D.R.A.M is the debut album by Virginia-born singer/songwriter D.R.A.M, who's name forms the acronym 'DOES REAL ASS MUSIC', a fitting title after listening to this, his first studio recording project.

From the offset, D.R.A.M comes across as playful through his ear for production, lyricism, and songwriting. His eccentric, Chance The Rapper-esque lead vocals take elements from the genres of rap and R&B, with contemporary 'trap' elements thrown in, to the projects advantage, fusing all this together and oozing contemporary cool track after track.

The albums highlights roll out nicely, singles like Broccoli and Charm fit perfectly into the listing, without taking anything away from the power of the other tracks. The songs on this projects are arranged well, unlike some modern rap albums which throw tracks together, without a set context. DRAM has paced this record beautifully, without actually slowing down the levels of entertainment each track radiates. Each track has its own element of either jazz, hip-hop, funk, or trap, and concocts a potent mixture of soulful, passionately inspired music, with jazzy undertones and harmonies that anybody can get down to, no matter what your musical preference.

In conclusion, this album is a gem, and a breath of fresh air to the rap game thanks to the smooth R&B elements and playful nature of DRAMS nuanced style. We hope to see more from this dude in the near future, this one is highly recommended by Team Soleheaven. 

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