Music For the Sole! Arcade Fire - I Give You Power

After a near 4 year break, everyone's favourite North American sextet have teased us with their forthcoming single 'I Give You Power', featuring soul legend, Mavis Staples, from their follow-up to Reflektor.

Released to coincide with Donald Trump being sworn in as President, The band join a large contingent of creatives that have taken a defiant stance against the 45th president.

The track takes on primitive musical elements not seen in previous releases. Very stripped back and minimally constructed, rely on the chants of singer Win Butler and Mavis Staples to lead the track (I Give You Power!), and a ferocious sub bass that would be more suited to a Death Grips track. It's another progressive step for a band that looks to challenge themselves on every release.

The band have dedicated all proceeds from the single to the ACLU



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