Music For the Sole: 90's New York Sound

Today, our in-store music rotation is focusing on the rough and ready New York 90's sound, with rappers like BIG L and the WU-TANG CLAN at the core. As the hip-hop sound progressed from the late 80's to mid 90's, social climates in America paid huge influence to the content individuals were rapping about. Street life became the focus, as rapper after rapper began to portray the difficulty of life on the edge via the platform of hip-hop. 

You already know what it is. Killer bee's on the swarm. Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) defines iconic. This era defining album stands as a reference point for the progression of hip-hop from the 80's to mid 90's, as the sound took a swift turn to rough and ready street sounds. This raw, unfiltered album is still as cutting edge as it was back in 93.

We're carrying on the rough and ready sound with Busta Rhymes debut solo album 'The Coming', from 1996. 'The Coming' is an hour long flurry of tracks, all of which feature that crazy New York 90's sound. If you haven't heard this one, it's a must, and a real eye opener for anyone who sleeps on Busta.

Third and finally, we have 'Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous', from the late New York rap prodigy BIG L, who's life was cut short on February 1999 via drive by shooting in his Harlem. If you're unfamiliar with Big L, get the track 'Put it On' on BLAST right now!

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