Music for the Sole - Schoolboy Q 'Blank Face LP'

Schoolboy Q - BLANK FACE LP

Todays 'Music for the sole' post is purely focused on the latest LP from LA's own Schoolboy Q, 'Blank Face EP'. We have been waiting for this one since Q's last smash album 'Oxymoron' which we still regularly bump on the shop floor. 'Blank Face' dropped on the 8th, and we've kept it in mind for Music for the Sole since we first had it on blast last Friday. 

In the run up to this release, Q, AKA Quincy Hanley, dropped an album preview in the form of the track 'THat Part' featuring Kanye West, with an accompanying video. The tune grew on us over a couple days, catchy hook, cool bars, sick beat. So when you put the track into the context of the whole album, the strengths really shine through.

'Blank Face LP' is a contemporary gangster rap album, in its purest form, unrestricted and unfiltered, Q talks us through the pitfalls of fame and his rise from streets to studio off the back of the collaborative projects 'TDE' and 'Black Hippy'. 

Strong features on the album include E-40 and Anderson .Paak, and they are complemented by even stronger production values on the instrumentals, TDE and Q ensure they continue to bring that nuance hip-hop vibe through this project, you can also feel Q's progression as a rapper pour through when you compare this to his earlier work. 

Overall, this strong project did not disappoint, bringing new and progressive ideas to the new LA sound, however it's a shame to see a lack of K-dot on the tracklist!  We're looking forward to hearing more work from the TDE label over 2016.

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