Le Coq Sportif x Look Colab

Le Coq Sportif X Look Colab available at Soleheaven

The love story between France and the sport of cycling has become synonymous with the countries culture and heritage. With over 21 thousand KM of national cycle routes, France has become the European capital for the passion behind the sport, which epitomises itself through the detail and energy athletes and manufacturers put into their bikes and sporting equipment.

Two hugely respected French brands, who have been at the helm of the scene for generations, have stepped up for 2016 to collaborate on a versatile range of cycling lifestyle products designed boasting an array of performance enhancing specifications, without sacrificing practicality for ease of lifestyle.

Those two brands are Look and Le Coq Sportif, who have a combined span of 200 years in the industry, providing the utmost high-quality products to generations of cyclists from all corners of the globe. As both brands have expanded, they have each maintained their unique individuality, and kept this close to their hearts. Through combined efforts, both brands have poured this individuality and heritage into this collaborative effort and fused this with forward thinking ideas from both parties, aiming towards the future of cycling as a sport. By fusing old and new, the Look and Le Coq Sportif collaboration have resulted in modern products that bring value and practicality into any budding cyclists life.

Le Coq Sportif X Look Jersey T-shirt available at Soleheaven
Within this capsule collection, the brands have designed; two new cycling jerseys, designed with tri-colour Look branded colour blocking, crafted with 100% cotton, as well as two never before seen sneaker templates, the Omicron and XT Shifters, both 'composed of a mesh structure', and featuring reflective branding and neoprene interior for enhanced comfort, keeping you at your maximum potential.

First up, the Omicron uses mesh formed uppers with a streamlined design, fused uppers and 'LOOK' branded colour blocking. Built with a slip on aesthetic including a neoprene sock liner for warmth and comfort. There are rubberised traction points on the outsole. for that extra edge. 

Le Coq Sportif X Look Omicron available at Soleheaven

Secondly, the Shifter XT uses a high top fitting collar giving extra support and insulation. Adjustable branded strapping across the synthetic 'No-sew' uppers, which include a resilient mudguard for maintainability. Built above a durable, traction enhanced midsole. 

All products are available now, but stock is limited due to the nature of such a special project.

Le Coq Sportif X Look Shifter XT available at Soleheaven

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