J.Cole - '4 Your Eyez Only' Album Review.

We like J.Cole. Throughout his career, we've seen Cole as relatable, down to earth and smart, his transparency as an artist has been a key selling point in his music, especially his last studio album 'Forest Hills', which had lyrical content focusing on the 'pitfalls' of being at the top, if you will, and although a vast amount of rap using this subject, Col'es honesty, self-awareness and intelligence shone through as he projected himself to the masses as an alternative to the gold-trimmed, inaudible sounds people are bumping these days, with socially fuelled bars on par with the likes of Kendrick, who Cole has an upcoming collaborative project with. 

From the offset, '4 Your Eyez Only' specializes in avoiding the norm. Complex said '4 Your Eyez Only is a firm commitment to a larger cause', a premeditated opposition to what we think a new rap album should be, and it is so refreshing to hear a project take this role itself. nobody asked Cole to take this stance, he's appointed himself this role subconsciously to go against the grain and defend what he thinks is right. After all, Cole is a smart guy, let's not forget this by any means, and anyone who has sat down and fully explored his lyrical talent will understand this. 

This album plays on Cole's already established 'anti-conformity' sound and ideologies, but he doesn't take this too far. On this studio project, Cole seems to take a step back from what he has created, and this record feels like an external narrative on something already established, Cole's thought on social issues and political issues are all evident here, but he comes across as an 'outsider looming in, which plays with the overall themes of transparency Cole has gained through his featureless work. 

All in all this project is exceptional, and highly recommended by everyone on Team Soleheaven. 

~Team Soleheaven. 

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