GO Skateboarding day 2016.

Soleheaven Go Skateboarding 2016 recap

Since the initial inception in 2004, Go Skateboarding Day has taken the global skate scene by storm as the skaters equivalent of Christmas Day. The internationally beloved event takes place in a host of cities around the world, with skate stores and independent skate organizations often being the ones who take the reigns hosting skate-jams, contests and treasure hunts, as well as huge global brands like Nike and RedBull getting on board the Go Day hype. 

Check out this video recap of 2015's Go Skateboarding day, put together by Nike SB

Thanks to the power of the world wide web, the annual event is only getting bigger and better, with more and more people joining in each year in more and more cities. 2016's event saw thousands descend on Downtown LA, bombing through the streets and attracting a lot of attention. 

Since this years event was just yesterday we are still waiting on the highlight video reels to be uploaded to the web from the big brands, although in the mean time their is a lot of sweet amateur footage on youtube that really shows how passionate skaters are, and how much they value this one day of the year.

Be sure to check back on this article, we will update it when welcome across this years highlight reels.

In the mean time, here are some TIGHT highlights from the event in 2012.

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