Brand Focus: Dickies.

"Dickies® is committed to maintaining its position in the industry by producing hardwearing functional workwear that combines quality and value for money: the philosophy that has seen it become an instantly recognizable brand with a proven reputation."

Born in 1918 from industry workers, Dickies work wear was an instant hit for its performance, comfort, and durability. The brand established with an ethos to manufacture working attire that featured a host of work beneficial attributes for the working American. The companies roots lead back to Texas, the home of the 'all American', where the brand quickly gained enough of a reputation to be the number one overall manufacturer for the country, including producing the US Military uniforms for the second world war.

In 1950, Dickies expanded across the pond and into Europe with the intention to bring their iconic American clothes and footwear to a new audience who would instantly feel the benefits, and by the 90's, Dickies had established themselves globally, including the UK, where the brand was praised for its affordable, rugged, trusting wear.

Through the 1990's, Dickies became fashionable with various subcultures around the world, including skaters, b-boy dancers, and hip-hop fans, the brand quickly became a cult icon, and was often seen in movies, or worn on stage by musicians across the genre spectrum. Dickies described this themselves as 'Unexpected', however, their strength and versatility as a brand allowed them to continue, strength to strength and progress beyond workwear into a host of lifestyle options for almost anyone.

At Soleheaven, we've just received a whole host of Dickies boots, just in time for the turn of winter. Our new range contains a spectrum of adaptable dickies products, from the classics to some modern models, all ready for just about anything with traction enhanced soles, and the famous durability and toughness that brought the brand international fame.

You can shop our full Dickies collection now.

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