Air Force 1: The Progression

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Nike Air Force.

In 1982, Nike shook-up the footwear game by introducing the AIR FORCE 1 to the sneaker-market, named after an Airplane that transported the President of America, the shoe was designed with ball in mind. By being the first on-court sneaker to house Nike Air in the sole, The AF1 offered groundbreaking cushioning to players like Charles Barkley and affirmed its place in sneaker history by sweeping the urban scene like no other shoe had, becoming the number one shoe for ballers, dancers, and musicians a like.

Throughout the test of time, Nike have strove to modernise the Air Force 1, keeping the sneaker template fresh with innovative concepts and ideas set to improve upon the silhouette. Not too long ago, Nike added ‘LUNARLON’ technology to the Airforce 1 hi’s and low’s, adding extra responsiveness and durability to each step, while also adding an icy cool translucent sole to the Air Force, giving the sneaker a new, up to date appeal.

Fast forward 34 years from the OG, and the Air Force 1 is still a globally iconic sneaker, and as Nike continue to adapt modern technology to their sneakers, the classic Air Force 1 has been revolutionised with Nike’s internationally respected 'Flyknit' Technology. The Air Force 1 uppers have been completely revamped, shedding almost 50% of the sneakers weight, while opening the shoe up to allow for a more natural feel on the foot and maximizing Air Flow to the feet. Nike have also chosen to keep 'Lunar' elements on the outsole of the latest Flyknit iterations, keeping the 'Lunar' touches for its unparalleled strength, and distinctively cool look.

When manufacturing the latest Air Force, Nike use the Sole as the main focus to shed weight. On the latest Flyknit AF1, Nike have utilised an almost 'cored out' midsole, which keeps the robust aesthetic while shedding weight for the perfect feel when worn.  

We took the liberty to call a weigh in between these global icons to compare how much weight Nike have managed to shed through the innovation process of the Air Force 1. 

  • The classic, OG Air Force 1 weighed in at 420g, representative of the durability and robust feel of the '82 classic. 
  • The LUNAR Air Force 1 weighed in at a respectable 340g, showing Nike's improvements on midsole manufacturing, while keeping the larger than life look of the sole. 
  • Finally, the latest Flyknit Air Force weighed in at 290g, putting it in the featherweight division for sure! 

Air Force 1 weigh in

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Air Force 1 Collection available from Soleheaven

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