A look back at Eric Koston

Anyone who's played a Tony Hawks Pro Skater game back in the day knows who this man is. He's a man who has become synonymous with skateboarding culture and a man who helped pioneer the sport into the mainstream through his combination of insane tricks and his engaging, friendly personality. We've spent some time taking a look back at Koston's career.

Eric's ability to ride Switch thrust him into the limelight of the skate scene's early days, you can witness this via a HUGE switch 360 flip down a 7 set in his 101 part. He quickly gained sponsorship,first with H-Street, but most notably with globally favourited 'GIRL' skateboards, where he recorded parts for Goldfish, Yeah Right and more recently, a Soleheaven favourite, 'Pretty Sweet'. Eric was also known for skating éS, where an annual "Eric Koston éS Game of Skate" was held, offering skaters a chance to win big by beating Koston at his own game! After this, he migrated across to Lakai for a short spell before being picked up by Nike SB. 

It was with Nike SB that Koston really flourished. With the Nike design team he released the Nike SB 'Koston' Skateboarding sneaker, and further developed this with the 'Koston 2' shortly after thanks to the sneakers success. The following was taken from an interview between Nike and Eric to promote the Koston 2:

"Oh it’s…it’s crazy. It’s completely different, I hate to say it, but it’s so much better because of what…not only in the design aspect and the resources…cos I’ve copied so many Nike shoes, you know, I tried to mimic them as close as possible and using the best those companies, éS and Lakai could do. But we couldn’t totally execute it…it was getting as good as I could get it, but it wasn’t quite there. But with Nike, I get to use all those bits and pieces that I’ve always wanted to use, and I have access to a lot of great technology and a lot of, basically cutting-edge shit, that like, it’s cool, you know. And I can really, truly, feel like I can innovate. So there’s that, but not only that, they actually function; I guess from start to finish, even the marketing side of things it’s above and beyond, it’s crazy."

Beside his sponsorships and video parts, Koston was also raised to fame through his appearances in almost every Skateboarding video game available through the past decades, including the legendary Tony Hawks Pro Skater series, as well as the revolutionary Skate series on the PS3 and XBOX 360. He will always be a pillar in the community and a skater that all the other skaters look up to, even the pros like Paul Rodriguez. 

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