Music For The Sole: Our Boiler Room Selection

 Soleheaven Boiler Room Selection

We have pulled together a small list of our favourite Boiler Room sets to have on blast in store. From humble beginnings in London, Boiler Room has gained international respect from dance floor to dance floor, festival to festival, for their cutting edge music policies and globally sourced parties. Boiler Room has live streamed parties from the likes of Berlin, Montreal, Brazil, Glasgow, Barcelona and many more, each time, exploring the roots of each cities culture and sound and tailoring each party to fit the areas unique vibe. 

Some of these sets are perfect for Saturdays, some Sundays, other Friday evenings, but each one has been on the Soleheaven rotation, and we've been pulling apart the track-lists, picking out our favourite jams

Shout out Boiler Room for keeping it real for this long, we're looking forward to seeing things continue to expand.


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