Music For The Sole: Anderson .Paak

Anderson Paak

Rolling off the back of his monumentally successful album 'Malibu', Anderson .Paak has quickly accelerated to a top spot in our musical rotation down to his smooth blend of rap, RnB and modern dance elements. 

.Paak debuted with the record 'Venice' in 2015, which features the tracks 'Might Be' and 'Already', but we didn't discover Venice until after we heard his second record 'Malibu', thanks to his interview and feature on Benji B's late night radio 1 show. 'Venice' combines an array of genres and musical styles, and could be considered a nice warm up to 'Malibu', which is one of the strongest albums we have heard in recent time. .Paak comes as a breath of fresh air to the rap game, his unique aesthetic and sound are sold through his engaging, intriguing personality. Anderson decides not to steer towards gimmicks or cliches to sell his records, his strength is in his commitment to what HE thinks is cool.

Together with trip-hop producer KXWLEDGE, the duo released an E.P under the name NXWORRIES on Stones Throw. This mini mixtape features the two excellent tracks, Suede and Link up, the latter being one of our favourite songs by the young rapper. It was in fact 'Suede' that grabbed the attention of Dr Dre, and bagged Anderson a number of features on Dr Dre's 'Compton' album. 

Knxwledge and .Paak are rumoured to be releasing a full length record together sometime this year so keep your eyes peeled.

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