Soleheaven Festival Essentials Guide

Soleheaven Summer Festival Essentials

Summer is here, AKA the most important time of the year for your style, and with the summer comes the great festival season, a time to let loose and enjoy those sweet summer vibes. From the coasts of Croatia, to the open fields of the UK, no matter where your festival may be, you always need to pack the essentials.  

Alongside remembering toilet roll and thinking about how to smuggle your vodka in is the difficult decision of what sneakers to pack. Do you go for something maintainable, something breathable and practical, or something with all out style and dress to impress. At Soleheaven we have taken it upon ourselves to help out and pull together some ideal products to ease you through the summer festival season.

In our 'Essential Pack' we have an easy going range of sneakers, from the super Robust Grid 8000 by Saucony, to the easy-to-clean Tennis Classic from Nike, to the ultra breathable BR Roshe Run and Huarache Ultra, this pack is guaranteed to have something in it for everyone, no matter where your festival is located. 

Alongside the sneakers in our pack, you will need your essential sneaker cleaning products. The range at Soleheaven includes both Jason Markk and Sneakers ER. You can use Jason Markk Repel to prevent dirt ruining your sneakers and you can use one of our Premium Sneakers ER cleaning Kits to easily rub off any muck that may find its way onto your crepes. Our Sneakers ER travel kits are perfect to get grub off an array of uppers, from Suedes to leathers and mesh, Sneakers ER have got your back. Each travel kit comes packing 3 bottles of 'flight friendly' sized cleaning solution, a specially bristled ER brush, and premium microfibre cleaning cloth. 

Finally, you can match up any mood with a fresh pair of Swedish born Happy Socks from our latest Happy Sock Collection. Our range features a vibrant array of products to compliment any pair of our crepes, from the bright yellow 'Palm beach' to the tonal 'Optics' sock. 

You can shop the full Soleheaven Festival Essentials collection here. 

Shop the Soleheaven Festival range on our website

Shop the Soleheaven festival Essential range on our website

Shop the Soleheaven festival Essential range on our website Festival Essentials available from Soleheaven

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