NBA Finals Cavaliers v Warriors - Game 1

Golden State Warriors make it 1-0 after game one of the NBA finals, against Lebron's Cleveland Cavaliers. 

The Warriors took control of the series straight from the first quarter, thanks to a full team effort, compensating for the under preforming pair of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, who have arguably carried the Golden State hopes and dreams throughout the season. Curry for once just couldn't get his eye in, but the Warriors capitalised on rebound opportunities throughout the second quarter to ensure they took the lead into the second half.

Lebron James taking on the Warriors

The Cavaliers bucked the trend in the 3rd putting 25 points on the board. But they could do little to overcome the rampant Warriors, who cruised through the 4th finishing with 104 points of the board with the Cavs only managing a mere 89, despite a valiant effort from Lebron who chalked up an impressed a near triple double, 23 points, 12 rebounds & 9 assists, and Kyrie Irving's 26 points. The team effort from the Warriors outweighed this duo effort drastically, boasting 3 substitutes putting up into double digits.

Final Score Cleveland Cavaliers 89-104 Golden State Warriors.

Our standout player from game 1 was Shaun Livingston, who smashed his season average of 6.3 points per game to a staggering 20, with only 26 minutes on court. 

Curry praised this team effort, and acknowledged this own short comings, “I missed some shots and didn't get a rhythm... You don't win championships without the entire squad coming in and making an impact on games.” Something the Cavs are yet to prove they can do at the final stage. 

Due to the Warriors tough run up the finals, it was thought they would falter in the early games only coming into their own once they hit their usual pace, but we were all proven wrong. 

Do you think the Cavs can get going in the finals and take us to the 7th game or could it all be over before it's begun. Because we all know the Warriors still have that extra gear when Steph & Klay start hooking up the way they have all season. 

Who's your money on to take the NBA Championship?

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