Nike Roshe Run: Continued Sneaker Innovation

Featuring Nike Roshe Run One, Roshe Run BR, Roshe Run NM Flyknit and Roshe Run NM LSR

Shown in lead image: Roshe One (Gorge Green), BR Roshe (Black), Flyknit Roshe (Red), LSR Natural Motion Roshe (White)

"Zen" Inspired footwear. 

From concept to construction, Nike’s Roshe Run has been designed to channel energies and break down paradigms. Since Nike designer Dylan Raasch first began the design process back in 2010, the Roshe has continuously been innovated and adapted with the most modern technologies available to Nike. This is how the Roshe has become one of Nike’s most iconic shoes, through abstract ideas, focus and freedom. With the Roshe 2 on its way to our shelves (rumoured in 2016), we have decided to bring together the Roshe’s unique story.

Through the initial brainstorm sessions, Nike only had one focus point, ‘ways to bring value to a lower price tag’, from this starting point, Raasch began the process of minimalising and abstracting the idea of the typical running sneaker. With such few limitations to his brainstorming, Dylan had the perfect opportunity to create something new, and incorporate things that inspire him into the concept.

The following is taken directly from an interview between Dylan Raasch and ‘Howtomakeit’ about the birth of the Roshe, Dylan states:

‘Since I was young, I have practised meditation, so the concept of Zen and simplicity plays a big part in my life. The inspiration comes directly from the word “Roshi”, which is a title given to a Zen master, and to me, nothing epitomises simplicity better than a Zen master. From there, I designed the shoe to be as simple as possible, by keeping only what was absolutely necessary.’ - Dylan Raasch

This has always been at the core of the Roshe’s ideology, even as Nike have continued to unveil new hybrid iterations of the Roshe, the ethics behind the silhouette have always been at the heart of each adaptation.

Comparison of the Nike Roshe Run One and the Nike Roshe Run BR

Roshe BR Olive Roshe One White

Shown here: Roshe One (White), Roshe BR NM (Olive) 

The feel and build of the Roshe

At Soleheaven, the Roshe has been with us since the sneaker was first released in 2012, with the ‘iguana’. For such a minimalistic shoe, the possibilities provided by the sneakers attributes are numerous. The Roshe's appeal can stand out to a huge range of people from festival goers to performance runners, beach loungers to streetwear aficionados, the Roshe’s unique form and feel can bring a breath of fresh air to anybodies footwear rotation.

I wanted the shoe to be as versatile as possible, so i designed it so it could be worn barefoot or with socks. You could dress up or down in it, travel with it, walk or run in it, chill in it, almost anything’. - Dylan Raasch

When the Roshe first hit stores, the feeling on the foot was a whole new experience for everyone. Something new that people didn't know they needed in their lives. The deconstructed build of the Roshe offers the ultimate in breathability and air flow when worn. Dylan only used technology that made the shoe more simple, including the outsole, which is manufactured using EVA compounds that are soft and comfort enhancing, without sacrificing any durability or traction. 

In some of the later Roshe models, Nike's infamous Natural Motion sole has been applied to further push the boundaries of how comfortable the sneaker can be. The precision cut Natural Motion (NM) sole makes the sneaker a whole lot more reactive, and gives the wearer cleaner, more fluid movement. 

Roshe LSR White Roshe Flyknit NM Grey

Shown here: Nike Roshe LSR (White), Nike Flyknit Natural Motion Roshe (Grey)  

Comparison of the Nike Roshe LSR and the Nike Roshe NM Flyknit

The Roshe at Soleheaven 

In recent months our Roshe collection has swiftly stepped up it’s game. Nike have launched a range of Roshe sneakers that use a versatile variation of uppers and soles. From 2012 to 2016, our Roshe range has included: the OG Roshe One, Roshe BR, Roshe Hyperfuse, Flyknit Roshe NM, and the Roshe LSR NM, each using their special specifications to further develop the Roshe concept, using modern ideas and combining this with the core principles behind the Roshe.

From our perspective, in the beginning, the concept was so contemporary, that most people did not know how much change the Roshe could bring to their everyday sneaker use, until they experience the unique feel first hand. This is because they had never seen a pair of sneakers like it before, but once the benefits were felt and enjoyed, there was no looking back. Since then, the Roshe has remained at the top, leading Nike to push the silhouette even further and expand towards the Roshe 2.

Our full Roshe range features 15 Roshe models, all unique and perfect for any situation this Summer. 

You can shop our full Roshe Collection here.

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