Nike Huarache 'Snakeskin' Launch


The jungles, both urban and natural, are often full of surprises. Reptiles and amphibians are sometimes seen as simple, primitive creatures, but that's a long way from the truth.

Here, we can see a pair of Huarache ‘Snakeskin’ in their natural habitat. It seems that the natural world is one of the greatest source of excitement, and this wild ‘Reptile’ pack has adapted itself to suit such an environment.

The sneaker has tough, durable upper panels, which use a combination of premium quality suedes and reptile textured leathers, to prevent anybody else higher up the food chain getting any smart ideas. This particular member of the Huarache family has the same basic shape and build as the first Huarache’s ever spotted, back in 1991, right down to the unique ‘Huarache’ emblem adorned on the tongue. However the recent generation of Huaraches, including these ‘Snakeskin’ feature only the highest quality materials, giving them the title of ‘Huarache Premium’.

While the Huarache is known for it’s daring aesthetic, this wild sneaker also has a soft side. The black member of the pack has a soft suede toe box, and the neoprene textiles which line the interior makes the Huarache stand out in the sneaker world as one of the most natural feeling sneakers of all time. Finally, the rubberised external caging not only reminds other wild sneakers that this one isn’t to be messed with, but adds extra support and structure.

The mostly black member of the family uses the dark uppers to give itself that unique and necessary edge while tracking down prey on dark nights, and the perforations on the tongue allow the feet to remain cool, even during the hunt.

Nike Huarache Snakeskin White

While the bright white counterpart can take on almost anything, the sneaker uses it's bright white flare to dazzle and impress foes, this natural is so important in all environments.

Both versions of the Huarache PRM 'Reptile' are available at WWW.SOLEHEAVEN.COM at 08:00AM GMT (27/05/16).

704830 001 (black/dark grey/white) 

704830 100 (white/white/black) 

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